Meet the Marmalades Founders

This journey began on a hot summer night of 2012.

Jeff Lee was riding his longboard and decided to crash a house party for refreshments. The party was hosted by Matthew O’Connor’s girlfriend who soon introduced them. It turned into an instant bromance. First they started weird and intense conversations about the future, the machines and the Transhumans. And it’s from one of those midnight talk that the idea of Marmalades was born. This picture was taken at the house party.


But who are these entrepreneurs? Let’s track back a little.


Jeff Lee grew up on television.
Producing tv shows at the age of sixteen and later moved to websites and branded content. He is the living proof that dreams and hard work can go a long way. He is a little scrappy and doesn’t always know what he’s doing, but he doesn’t care. Life is an adventure and every new project is an opportunity to make friends and push the envelope. He also had a boys band, yep.


Matthew was the bookish one.
As a child he would sit and write down countries name with their currency, capital and density of population. He wanted to know everything there was to know. He learned to play (and hack) with computers from an early age. In college and university he took an active role in the computer clubs and developed a great way for students to receive notifications about the actions of their union, especially during the 2006 strike. Finding little reward in work and study, Matthew teamed up with Math René (also Marmalades CTO) to build Avant-Garde Technology. His interests has crystallized around cognitive sciences, specifically around information and decision-making. He also looks like Jesus and/or Russell Brand.

Nowadays, Jeff Lee works in a top advertising agency and Mathew runs his technology company. They still party, they love girls and they want to change the way we read digital books.

They also still have these weird conversations…