Sara(h)bande par Sylvain Raymond: Lancement

Au fil des prochains mois, Marmalades s’associera avec plusieurs auteurs et maisons de publications afin de créer un bassin d’ambassadeurs qui croient au livre numérique. Évidement Sylvain Raymond fait partie de la famille depuis le début. Lui qui s’est fait connaître avec son premier roman, le controversé Yupster qui est un arrêt sur image de ce que vit la génération Y à Montréal. Le livre est disponible sur


C’est donc avec honneur et gin tonics qu’on vous invite au lancement de son 2e roman, un polar intitulé Sara(h)bande ce mercredi 20 février au Bar Secret (facebook).

Vous pouvez pré-commander le livre et lire d’avantage sur

sara(h)bande cover


La Distributrice Coffee Shop in Montreal

Location location location.
Do you know La Distributrice? It is probably the smallest coffee joint in the universe (in North America in fact), renting the empty space under a Mont-Royal staircase. But hey, this is how you make it in America, right? Here’s a few pictures of busy Gary, stopping by for a local cup of joe. Also, a big shout out to our friends Rachel Lecompte and Gabriel Lefebvre at Studio Point who made a killer branding for the business.



En français s’il vous plait!

After receiving a thousand complaints (ok ok 2 or 3 from Quebec french nazis) we responded fast and shot this video in our headquarters, during an app flow meeting. Of course we chose to craft all our communications in the language of money, but it’s true that we must never forget where we come from.

Also, who would spit on free PR?

This is the team, late night of course.



Mathieu René, Chief of Technology
Guillaume Avarguez, Art Director
Séraphin Hochart, iOS & web Developer


Montreal NewTech Slideshow

Every month, the Montreal’s startup community meets in a local pub downtown Montreal.
We felt like Eminem in 8 miles. Palms sweaty, vomit on our sweater, mom’s spaghetti. We had (one shot) to introduce and launch the new website live. So I included the slideshow down there, in case you wanna send it to your rich VC uncle.

Photo 13-02-05 7 14 00 PM Photo 13-02-05 6 37 58 PM Photo 13-02-05 7 14 10 PM

Gary’s Day Off

For those unfamiliar with our mascot Gary, here’s the background story.
Follow all Gary’s adventures on the Marmalades Instagram feed.

Gary used to be an unemployed mascot who lost his way in alcohol after his ex dumped him for a Nickelback roadie. Math and I met him at his very low and offered Gary to represent Marmalades on the promise he would drop the bottle and 50 pounds. He now sleeps at the office.


So now that the new website is live, we felt that Gary needed a little day off.
More pictures will come! Here you can see Math René (CTO) and Matthew O’Connor uploading the gold.


Matthew stealing all gary’s bacon. #Bullying.


Girls girls girls.


You have to be young at heart to see Gary. Are you a believer?IMG_5701

Where now?


To be continued…

Behind the Marmalades trailer

We chose to showcase the Marmalades features with one of the greatest story ever told, The Great Gatsby by Scott F. Fitzgerald. The Jazz age backdrop of the 1920’s and the vivid references to Long Island’s golden coast and New York City just seemed a perfect fit.


But there’s somehow something more profound in the Gatsby’s story that we seem obssesed with. The lost generation of the 1920’s is in many ways connected with what we are dealing with today. A beautiful youth lost in the partys, the people and the gossips. A neverending game of who is who. And a strong desire to grasp something more profound. Like a lost summer love.