A weekend with our friends at Your Extra Life

I had the chance to spend a weekend with the guys from Your Extra Life, a startup that wants to kick your ass and make you go out to do something. Basically it is an App that provides you with challenges and ideas to sparkle your everyday life, wrapped in a social network.

Photo 13-01-27 4 55 58 PM (1)ImageImage


Back in stealth mode, they crash Sam’s parents house in smalltown Shawinigan, while they’re in Florida. That’s the spirit. I came here to have a little break from the city and discuss books with Phillip Barclay, the 24 year old CEO and give my inputs on his launch plan.

The guys are mad, they work 24 / 7 on 3 locations (the developer is currently in Romania) and survive on tuna cans. “We can live here forever with 40$ a day” says Philip. So check out what they’re up to and sign up for that release you couch potatoes.

Funny thing, we went “downtown” last night, where people actually show up at the bar with snowmobiles.


Next morning I really felt the sense of bootstrapping, when me and Phil had to fight over the remaining bread crusts. Photo 13-01-27 10 14 21 AM

Photo 13-01-27 4 53 29 PM (1)


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